Describing ideas is not a task undertaken by those tempted to flounder in doubt. Literature, that is, good literature, does a remarkable job of explaining ideas through a chapter-by-paragraph-by-sentence-by-word methodology. Music too proposes the depiction of ideas as rhythm, tempo, tone and a varied crescendo intended to transmit the notion of something to the receiver. A similar set of circumstances exist for dance, social interactions, how we play out relationships and the general cultural milieu we find ourselves in.

           Describing ideas occupies me.

           I believe we have a relationship with our emotions, a relationship with our thoughts, a relationship with our bodies and a relationship with a divine being, whether or not we believe in one in the first place. How we conduct those relationships determines the results we get.

           I also believe that knowledge is an essential starting place for the development of ideas and that curiosity and wonderment are the playing fields of serious inquiry.

           I am most preoccupied with the things that join us. I sense we have common experience, and I mean we. As a species we are fortunate to have language, memory, emotions and the ability to think through processes and make choices.

           With this privilege in mind, I work.